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Review of The Girl in the Spotlight "The latest album from Norfolk singer-songwriter Jon Lawrence should be a must for anyone who yearns for music written with with panache, an assured ear for melody and played with style and sincerity. Jon makes something of a change of direction here, moving to the Great American Songbook melodies of... the likes of Kern, Gershwin, Carmichael and Porter. But this is no retread of songs you've heard a zillion times before, but a compelling piano-based set which shows that mellow needn't mean bland. Winter's Farewell is lush and lovely and the whole album is of a similar high standard." (4/5 stars)   Eastern Daily Press

“Review of Isolated Incidents West Norfolk singer-songwriter Jon Lawrence follows up 2007’s Albatross Bay Project with this his new album. The lecturer in musicology at Lynn’s College of West Anglia knows his onions when it comes to music and studios, writing, playing and recording all 14 tracks here doing all vocals and using instruments ranging from guitars to charangos. Jon is square in straight-down-the-middle rock territory but with the confidence to dabble in good-time jazz (Brandy’s Burlesque) and even a bit of yee-ha country (Grave Digger’s Hoe-Down). Varied and accomplished.”
Trevor Heaton - Eastern Daily Press.

“Say hello to album number four from singer-songwriter Jon Lawrence. The day job - lecturer in music at the College of West Anglia in King's Lynn - will give you a hint that world music influences feature here. As well as the familiar guitar or organ there's didgeridoo, 10-string charango and more in a well-recorded, played (all by Jon) and sung album. A strong singer he slides effortlessly up the key changes with a voice reminiscent of Paul Carrack but - with the exception of the gospel-tinged openner 'The Slightest Spark' - with a contemplative new-age vibe. 'Walk on the Beach' and 'Waves and Curls' are two more stand-outs on a 14-track album which doesn't short-change. Review of Albatross Bay”
Trevor Heaton - Eastern Daily Press (23/4/2007)

“Norfolk singer-songwriter Jon Lawrence is back with another finely-worked album, along with Stefan Judd (bass) and drummer Craig Brown. With a voice in the Neil Finn/Paul Carrack area, what you have here is guitar based pop with a nu-country tinge, and opener Should've Been Better Than This, has a touch of Paul Heaton whimsy. But Jon writes from the heart too: Little Hands is inspired by a personal tragedy, while Ten Little Men is an anti-war song in the Pete Seeger tradition. In short, the set is polished, tune-packed and well played. Review of The In-Between Worlds”
By Trevor Heaton - Eastern Daily Press

“Review of The In-Between Worlds in October 2009 edition of Acoustic Magazine Jon Lawrence has a great pop voice and has mixed it with varied ingredients, resulting in a light, easy going album, although not without its strong messages. His lyrics are thought-provoking and emotive and have most impact when lightly arranged. The highlight is Ten Little Men, a moving description of Lawrence’s thoughts on the current situation in Iraq, beautifully delivered with just voice and guitar. It’s definitely worth a listen.”
Acoustic Magazine October 2009

“Review of Albatross Bay - Rock n Reel Magazine. Jon Lawrence is a songwriter from Norfolk who debuts an album Albatross Bay, that displays his wide palette of musical influences - from Indiantraditional music to western pop, African Rrhythms and crisp funky bass lines, Mexican charango and aboriginal drones. It's an intelligently put together collection of adult oriented compositions that straddle pop, rock and world music genres. It's reminiscent ast times of the work of Peter Gabriel, especially on the more musically upbeat 'Life Going Up' and on 'Freedom Lullaby', whilst the celebratory 'Up the Coast to Mosquitia' brings to mind a more ethnically inclined Crowded House.”
Rock n Reel Magazine