1975               Born in Pontypridd
1995               Forms original band Stripe in Leicestershire
1997               Studied at Bretton Hall (University of Leeds) BA Hons
2000               Lecturer at College of West Anglia
2001               Releases charity EP Just Like the Rain
2003               Studies teaching qualification with Nottingham Trent University
2005               Debris CD released (currently unavailable)
2005               Writes music for award-winning play Headstrong at National Theatre
2006               The Troubadour Ballads released.
2007               Albatross Bay released.
2008               Isolated Incidents released.
2008               Cosi Ancora released.
2008               Joins rock band Envy as keyboard player.
2009               The In-Between Worlds released.
2010               Single I Wish I’d Loved You Then (Not Now) released.
2010               The Girl in the Spotlight released.
2011               Awarded Master’s Degree in Ethnomusicology from Sheffield University.
2011               …If We Run and Run released.
2011               Retrophelia released with The Retrophiles
2011               The Punch published
2012               Playing Beneath the Havelock House (music) released.
2012               Joins City College, Norwich as a Music Lecturer
2013               The Wallflower Café published.
2013               Forms HUSH with co-founder Sarah Chalke
2013               Meeting Rhys published.
2014               Hush debut with their eponymous album.
2014               Sets up CEAMS (Creative Education & Music Solutions)
2014               The Pastoral published.
2014               Albatross Bay (book) published.
2014               Jon Lawrence in Albatross Bay documentary released.
2015               Playing Beneath the Havelock House (book) published.
2015               What the Donkey Saw (children's nativity musical first performed)
2015               Return to Havelock documentary released.
2016               Bisha published.
2016               Friends Art programme runs for the first time.
2016               Tom Finn & The Windmill (A musical play for children in verse form first
                        performed at Denver Primary School.